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Latest researches:

Ultrafast Dynamics of BN Nanotubes
Progress in UTEM based on Field-emission Ultrafast Photocathode
Hidden Quantum State in 2D Charge-Density-Wave Materials
Ultrafast Structural Dynamics of Functional Materials
Observation of Chiral Edge and Surface states via Electron Holography
Successful Development of 1st UTEM in China
Modulated Fe-vacancy in KxFeySe2 Superconductor
Nano-polar-domain and Strongly Magnetoelectric Coupling in Fe2OBO3
Charge Ordering State in LuFe2O4

Introduction of the group:
A06 Group belongs to the IOP-CAS. Major Research Fields in A06 Group:
1. Ultrafast transmission electron microscopy. Ultrafast transmission electron microscope is an advanced technology combining ultrafast laser and high-resolution electron microscope. We focus on the development of new technology of ultrafast electron microscope. We develop new experimental methods and data processing method of ultrafast electron microscopy. Combining with the in situ technology of electron microscopy, the relationship between the microstructure and physical properties of functional materials is studied, with the emphasis on lattice dynamics and new structural phenomena.
2. Based on the advanced transmission electron microscope image, spectroscopy and in-situ measurements, we investigate the microstructure-physical properties of functional materials, with a focus on the strongly correlated systems including superconductors,multiferrous materials and low-dimensional nanomaterials.
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Address: Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics No.8, 3rd South Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing 100190, China
Code: 100190
    Tel:+86-10-82649524     Fax:+86-10-82649485